Mar 4, 2015

National Band Championships 2015

The 50th IABCB National Band Championships in association with the Cork School of Music will take place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th April in the Cork School of Music. The adjudicator will be Michael Ball.




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Posted by: eva_otoole

The IABCB National Championships are held annually at different locations around the country and bring together the best and brightest in both Concert and Brass Bands throughout Ireland.


The competition is divided between Concert and Brass Bands, each having four available sections to enter –Section 1 for the top standard bands to Section 4 for junior standard and learner bands. Sections 1,2 &3 play two pieces of music ; a choice piece that they themselves choose to play to show the strengths of their band and a test piece, set by the Executive, played by each band in the section to give a direct comparative between the bands. The test pieces are carefully screened as to what is appropriate for each level following advice from experts in the banding field.  Section 4 (junior) bands play a short programme of music consisting of a march, slow piece and one other piece of own choice. Each Bands performance is assessed by the adjudicator and marks are awarded. Put simply, the band in each section with the highest marks, wins!